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Buffy Boys

Aug 26, 2020

Xander gets zapped by a demon with a magic Latin stick and awakes in the dump to find a doppelgänger has taken over his life! And he's kinda better at it? Awkward. The Buffy Boys are blinding people with pocket coins in S05E03 "The Replacement".

Key Buffy Bits from this episode include: 

  • Ferula Gemina and symbiotic duality of personality in Buffy
  • Brian's irrational hatred of Confident-Xander's shiny disc
  • Snoopy Dance - the proof is in the prancing
  • Supernatural stakes and sitcom dynamics - the Fantasy family 
  • "We just need to arrange the candles. Also, we should pretend we heard none of the disturbing sex talk."

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Our theme song is an acoustic cover of the Title Theme to Buffy The Vampire Slayer by Alex Heflin (originally by Nerf Herder).


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The Buffy Boys