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Buffy Boys

Feb 13, 2019

This week the blood runs hot as the Buffy Boys watch S01E07 "Angel", the episode that launched a thousand 'ships. That last scene? With the crucifix? Be still our unbeating hearts.


Key Buffy Bits from this episode include:


  • The joint metaphor of 'vampires' and 'slayers' as different aspects of the minority experience
  • Cock-a-rooshes!
  • Catholic schoolgirls dual wielding handguns
  • Angel's reconstructed male heterosexuality and the morality of choosing to be better
  • A meditation on Angel's Irish heritage
  • "Hi honey, you're in grave danger, see you next month"


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Our theme song is an acoustic cover of the Title Theme to Buffy The Vampire Slayer by Alex Heflin (originally by Nerf Herder).


Yours in Slaying,

The Buffy Boys