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Buffy Boys

Nov 28, 2019

With a vaguely defined but totally real Apocalypse in full swing, Xander gets sidelined into his own adventure - Zombies! Explosions! Meta jokes! The Boys discover that the real treasure was the friends we ignored along the way in S03E13 "The Zeppo".

Key Buffy Bits from this episode include: 

  • Defining the view askew -...

Nov 20, 2019

Buffy's 18th birthday takes a traditionally torturous turn as she's de-powered and trapped with a sadistic vampire as part of a Watchers Council test for maturing Slayers. Will anyone forgive Giles for his betrayal? The Buffy Boys are dealin' with daddy issues in S03E12 "Helpless".

Key Buffy Bits from this episode...

Nov 13, 2019

In this Very Special Episode we're jazzed to invite one of our podcasting faves, the host of Slayerfest 98 Ian Carlos Crawford to Buffy Boys! We flap our gums about all things queer in Sunnydale: 'evil' bisexual vamps, Tara versus Kennedy, and Buffy - the hero who gave baby gays hope and unrealistic expectations...

Nov 6, 2019

Satanic panic clutches the pearls of Sunnydale's suggestible parental population! When Joyce finds two ritually murdered children the town turns just a lil fascist against witches, slayers and other queer allegories. Who Watches The Watcher Watchers? The Buffy Boys do in S03E11 "Gingerbread".

Key Buffy Bits from this...